Here are a few of the many PCs and one handed keyboards developed by us. All were fully functional, and still are!

Bin2, our versatile, battery-powered Pocket PC (1991, H8 and Forth), was an inveterate globetrotter!

Featuring one handed keyboard, large graphic screen, WWIF® (World Wide Inter Face), learning I/R remote and RS232, Bin2 was a concept large screen PDA with a perverse tendency for photographing its handlers!

Bin2 1994-97 Bin2 Back 1994-97
Main Menu
Menu: Connect 2: Camera
Menu: Connect 2: Camera: Shoot

Security check 97
"Yes, it's for real"! Bin 2 using its I/R port to trigger an Olympus camera for a sceptical security officer in Washington DC!

Another sceptic bites the dust! A disbelieving vendor at TeleCom exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland (he did smile afterwards).

At the Beach! Bin2 on vacation, Grenada, Caribbean.

Our Finger Friendly concept pocket PC (1985, 6809 and Xilinx) - pre Psion, pre Pocket PC.

The credit card memory was not PCMCIA
because PCMCIA was not available then....
Finger Friendly Pocket PC 1985

Finger Friendly Pocket PC Specs 1985

Finger Friendly Pocket PC Features 1985

One Handed keyboard with inertia scroll wheel 1984.
1 Hand with Scroll wheel close up 1984

1 Hand with Scroll wheel 1984

Folding pocket note taker with Chord keyboard 1983.
Folding pocket note taker with Chord keyboard 1983


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